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About Us

Eco Marine Global: Sustainability by conviction

Eco Marine Global is an international General Trading Company with headquarters in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. In the year 2016 the two partners Markus A.W. Hoehner and Ahsan Khan founded the company, which is focusing on the production and sales of exclusive solar yachts and the development of water transport systems for a sustainable future.

Markus A.W. Hoehner has been active in the sector of social, ecological and economical sustainability for 15 years. Under the umbrella of the Hoehner Research and Consulting Group he developed formats such as the Energiewende Award, the German CleanTech Institute, the Joint Forces for Solar Initiative and the International Battery & Energy Storage Alliance, all with the goal of pushing environmentally friendly technologies and bringing stakeholders together.

The Eco Marine Global team is convinced that the beautiful things in life can be appreciated and enjoyed even more when they are in harmony with the natural resources of the earth. The drive of EMG is the heartfelt regard for nature and the sincere wish to preserve its diversity through green technologies.

Because the mobility of the future is green.

Sustainable mobility is a core premise in tackling the global ecological challenges – on shore, in the air and on water. The rising demand of alternative technologies and the success of companies like Tesla show that ecological and economical sustainability are important factors when it comes to future purchase decisions. More and more people are determined to handle the world’s natural resources with more care, and to become pioneers of a fit-for-the-future-generation. Energy efficient vehicles are prestigious objects and, due to their high recognition in society, perfect for marketing- and communication campaigns.

Marine mobility is responsible for 15 percent of the global nitric oxide emission. The high consumption of diesel and dead oil, poisonous fumes and black soot particles damaged the image of marine locomotion. Conventional tankers, ferries and other ships and boats are regarded as polluters – in many seaport towns resistance is emerging because of the atrocious air pollution.

Eco Marine Global has the vision of a green marine mobility. Innovative solar and storage technologies have the power to overcome the dependency on fossil fuels and create an emission free future. Ferries will soon be fueled through the socket and by the sun; cruise liners and containerships are developed into hybrids, becoming environmentally compatible. Green harbors will have become normality.

With our solar and hybrid yachts we show our customers that marine mobility already now can exist in sync with nature. Luxury and sustainability, freedom and responsibility, nature and technology don’t have to cancel each other out, but can be connected to a positive and exclusive lifestyle – make the Eco Marine Global experience!

ahsanKahnAhsan Khan

CEO/Co-Founder at Eco Marine Global FZC
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Oasis Life A/C Systems L.L.C 08-2013 to Present
Working as General Manager in Dubai, U.A.E.Better Homes LLC – 03 – 2012 – 07 – 2013
Working as a Leasing Consultant – Short Term Rentals in Dubai, U.A.E.South Wales Lettings – 03/2011 – 08/2011
Worked as a Property Consultant in Cardiff, Wales, UK.
Oasis Life A/C Systems L.L.C. – 06/2010 – 02/2011

Worked as a Procurement Executive in Dubai, U.A.EInchcape Shipping Services L.L.C – 07/2007 –01/2008
Worked as an Accounts Assistant/Administration (Defense Department) in Dubai, U.A.E

Markus A.W. Hoehner

Founder/Director at Eco Marine Global FZC
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Founder & Director of Eco Marine Global FZC
CEO & Founder of Hoehner Research & Consulting Group (HRCG)
CEO & Founder of EuPD Research Sustainable Management GmbH
Markus A.W. Hoehner is experienced in top level research and consulting in various cleantech and sustainable industries. Prior to the establishment of the Hoehner Research & Consulting Group, including the brand 360|Concept, he worked as a management consultant, a managing partner in the mobile communication sector as well as a director for strategic planning and business development in a communication agency.Furthermore, Hoehner founded several clean tech industry alliances and networking initiatives, such as the globally operating Joint Forces for Solar and the International Battery and Energy Storage Alliance (IBESA). Hoehner is an Associate Partner of the PV LAB Germany and founder of the Deutsches CleanTech Institut GmbH (DCTI), the leading authority in the German CleanTech industry. With the brand EuPD Research he established two of the major quality initiatives in corporate health and talent management, the “Deutscher Bildungspreis” and the “Corporate Health Award”.His vision is an economically, ecologically and socially balanced world where sustainability and business go hand in hand. Driven by this vision, he founded most recently – together with a partner – Eco Marine Global FZC

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