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Yacht charter and sharing ecnomy: trendsetting and profitable.

In the era of global warming more and more people are looking for ways to reduce their ecological footprint, also when travelling. Sustainable tourism is a growing market, which will be increasingly profitable.

Due to the ecological compatibility, the special lifestyle and the extremely low operational costs, the SILENT Solar Electric Catamarans (SECs) and the Solar Sea Busses are suitable for any sort of charter concept.

The Solar Sea Bus can function as a ferry in Dubai, Hamburg or Shanghai or it could be integrated as part of an event concept at a health resort. The luxurious water bus carries up top 100 passengers across huge lakes, like the Bodensee or cruises silently through nature reserves – no boundaries set!

Because not many people spend 365 days on their yacht, the global trend goes in the direction of sharing economy. The SECs are suited for private charter, as an incentive for companies, excursions for organizations, associations and a lot more. Even the usage by several yacht owners is a lucrative and efficient model: You save a lot of money in the investment, have almost no maintenance costs, which are split as well and you can still spend long vacations on a luxurious yacht.

Interested? Write us an e-mail and the Eco Marine Global team will sit down and develop your personal charter option.

Your Values

  • No costs for oil, fuel, diesel
  • Higher charter rates due to no energy-costs
  • More luxury, absolute silence
  • Very low maintenance costs
  • Carbon-hull = less repairing-costs
  • Save money through shared economy
  • Profit from your personal charter concept

The time is now

There are no major charter companies with solar electric catamarans in their portfolio!

The world is on board! Are you?

Join in on the road to sustainability – with the solar electric catamarans from Eco Marine Global!

Spot: MEDITERRANEAN SEA / example calculation

Utilize the Eco-Friendly Target Group

There is a tremendously fast growing group of people who want to be the first to partake in the green energy transition. The people in this target group are mostly eco-friendly first movers, they have high social standards, high incomes and are highly educated. They are also opinion leaders, which means they are able to persuade others. On top of that their high affinity to the world of social media can be used for perfect viral marketing campaigns as a side effect to push your new solar catamarans.

So far there have been four main product-groups that have the people of our target-group interested. Lets explore the evidence for the existence of our target group jointly:


  • more than 75 Gigawatts (GW) of new photovoltaic (PV) capacity globally in 2016 alone
  • cumulated installed capacity exceeded 300 GW in 2016 (more than power generation of all nuclear power plants)
  • projection: more than 500 GW between 2016 and 2020

Electrical Energy Storage

  • approximately 33,000 new PV installations in Germany expected in 2017, 65% with electrical energy storage (EES) system
  • globally approximately 100,000 new PV systems in 2017
  • currently 7% supported by EES system globally

Smart Home

  • market is forecasted to a volume of 80 billion US$ by 2020
  • will serve more than 400 million customers with green energy efficient products and services

Electrical Vehicles (Example ‘TESLA’)

  • number of electric cars in the world accelerated past 2 million units last year
  • prices fell and manufacturers launched new models
  • sales increased by 60% in 2016!