Solar Sea Bus

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Solar Sea Bus: Comfortable Water Transportation – No Noise, No Exhaust Gases

The Solar Sea Bus was developed to enable an emission and noise free transportation across rivers, canals, lakes as well as nature reserves and port cities.

The roof of the Solar Sea Bus consists of 30 highly efficient solar panels with an overall performance of more than 10kWp. Two 25 kW electric motors are the driving force for a cruising speed of 6-7 knots. Due to the powerful lithium-ion batteries the Solar Sea Bus is as reliable at night and through clouded days as it is during sunny daytime.

The light, strong structured design is especially weather resistant, long-lasting and results in minimal water displacement which in return reduces the energy consumption. For fast passages the Solar Sea Bus has a diesel powered range extender at its disposal.

With a capacity of 50-100 passengers the Solar Sea Bus is the intelligent solution for the daily water transport. Because of the independence from fossil fuels and the minimal maintenance intensity the operational costs are very low. The return on investment with a Solar Sea Bus by Eco Marine Global is extremely high in relation to conventional ferries. With a usage of 80% the ferry can be amortized in one year.

On request the team around Eco Marine Global will work hand in hand together with your city to develop concepts for the marine transportation of your waterways. Jointly we will realize the vision of green harbors to set the tone for a sustainable world fit for our future generations!

Your Benefits

  • Very limited maintenance and high cost-efficiency
  • Service and running costs close to zero
  • Zero-emission and fuel-free – odourless and silent
  • Extended range
  • Luxurious lifestyle based on high quality products and comfort
  • Individual cabin layouts – no limitations
  • Independence by using light-weight lithium-batteries
  • No gas tanks – higher safety

Profit from sustainable means of eco-friendly cruising

Be an early adapter of solar electric catamarans to attract customers from around the world!

Benefits of the Solar Sea Bus

High ROI – Profitable from year one