Solar Yachts

Sunfinity – Always Independent

Sunfinity Solar Electric Catamaran (SEC) : Fusion of Luxury and Sustainability

The Sunfinity Solar Electric Catamarans (SECs) do not only convince through an elegant design, luxurious interior and first class equipment. The highly efficient solar cells, powerful lithium-ion accumulators and intelligent hybrid technology power the yachts without fossil fuels, require near to zero maintenance and save enormous operating expenses.

Floating across the ocean in absolute silence while reaching speeds of up to 10 knots on solar power only with an infinite reach, and without affecting the sensible nature through exhaust gases and vibration – that is the Sunfinity experience. Due to the light and strong structure of the epoxide-carbon design, SECs are only half the weight of a comparable conventional yacht. In addition, the yachts of Sunfinity are built to last and to resist all weather conditions.

The solar cells have a guaranteed life expectancy of 25 years and were installed in a way that will not expose them to any wind pressure. The electric motors possess an efficiency of 90 percent and therefore cause less heat to be emitted back to the surrounding, which leads to cooler temperatures in the interior space. Kitchen appliances run on solar power only. This detail relieves every Eco Marine Global yacht owner of a major safety issue, because there is no need for extra gas. Adding to that, the complete self-sufficient yachts have their own water filtering system and an efficient cooling capacity, which gives you the absolute freedom to decide at what harbor to stop or if to stop at all!

The SECs can be distinguished in length and drive type. Currently, Sunfinity offers yachts in 55 and 88 feet and as a Cruiser, Sailor and Power version.

Your Values

  • Very limited maintenance and high cost-efficiency
  • Service and running costs close to zero
  • Zero-emission and fuel-free – odourless and silent
  • Extended range and trans-ocean trips realizable
  • Luxury lifestyle based on high quality products and comfort
  • Individual cabin layouts – no limitations
  • Independence by using light-weight lithium-batteries
  • No gas tanks – higher safety

Sunfinity 55

Length: 16,13 m (54.8′)
Draft: 0,64 m (2,1′)
Cruising Speed: 6-8 kt
Max. Speed: 10-12 kt

Sunfinity 88