Sunfinity 55

Luxurious. Silent. Sustainable

Sunfinity 55



The Sunfinity Cruiser is provided with highly efficient solar cells and a powerful lithium-ion battery bank, in which the produced energy is stored. For the unlikely event of a longer period of time without sunshine, or an emergency on board, a diesel fueled range extender is installed. The range extender charges the batteries automatically, which makes you absolutely independent from the weather. As soon as the sky opens back up the solar panels continue generating cost free energy for you. With the Sunfinity Cruiser you can drive 24/7 without anything coming from the motor – emission or noise!


The Sunfinity Power offers, besides the same advantages of the Cruiser, two powerful diesel engines capable of speeds of up to 15-20 knots and a top speed of up to 25 knots for fast passages. For normal speed just switch back to the electric motor.


The Sunfinity Sailor, as the name suggests, has a rig at its disposal. Due to the light weight of the yacht, the Sunfinity Sailor is faster than conventional sailing yachts. If the wind and weather conditions aren’t optimal, or you just want to relax with your family, just keep on coasting through the water on solar electricity. With the installed range extender fast passages or headwinds are no problem at all. With the Sunfinity Sailor the weather is never an obstacle, only a chance!

Technical Specifications


  • Length overall: 16.70 m / 54.8´
  • Length waterline: 16.52 m / 54.2´
  • Beam overall: 8.46 m / 27.7´
  • Draft: 0.64 m / 2.1´
  • Slenderness ratio (Lwl/Bwl): 10.08
  • Light displacement (EC): 14,1 tons
  • Water: 500 L
  • Waste water: 475 L
  • Fuel: 2 x 300 L
  • Standard engines: 2 x 25 kW e-motors
  • CE Certification: A: 12; B: 12; C: 16; D: 20


  • 30 high-efficiency solar panels with ~10 kWp in total for propulsion and household
  • MPPT solar charge regulators
  • Range-Extender – sufficient to supply e-motors and household if necessary
  • Lithium batteries 48 V – sufficient capacity for slow all-night cruising
  • 24 V service batteries with 50 A charger
  • Charger 80 A for 30 kWh 48V batteries
  • Inverter 15 kVA – sufficient for all standard household appliances
  • Charge-, consumption- and capacity controls for all electric circuits


  • VERSION 3/3 | 3 cabins, 3 bathrooms: 1 full width (>7 m) VIP-cabin in the front, 2 VIP-cabins with en-suite bathrooms in the hulls

Other optional variations:

  • VERSION 4/3 | 4 cabins, 3 bathrooms: port side 2 twin- or double bed cabins sharing 1 bathroom, starboard 1 VIP-cabin with en-suite bathroom, 1 full width (>7 m) VIP-cabin in the front with en-suite bathroom and walk-in closet
  • VERSION 4/4 | 4 cabins, 4 bathrooms: 2 double bed cabins with en-suite bathrooms in the front, 2 VIP-cabins with en-suite bathrooms in the hulls
  • VERSION 5/3 | 5 cabins, 3 bathrooms: 4 twin- or double bed cabins (2 in each hull) sharing 2 bath-rooms, 1 full width (>7 m) VIP-cabin in the front
  • VERSION 6/4 | 6 cabins, 4 bathrooms: 2 double bed cabins with en-suite bathrooms in the front, 4 twin- or double bed cabins (2 in each hull) sharing 2 bath-rooms

All bathrooms incl. sink, electric toilet and separate shower and all cabins either with double bed or two single beds. Other versions on request.



  • Headroom in the cabins, bathrooms and corridors 2.04 m
  • Headroom in the front-cabin 2,00 m, front-cabin bathrooms /walk-in-closet 2,04 m
  • Headroom in the saloon / kitchen: 2.09 m
  • Large portlights in all cabins
  • Deck hatches in aft cabins “flush deck” design
  • Deck hatches in front cabins “flush deck” design, shaded by the roof
  • Natural aeration and forced aspiration system in all cabins / bathrooms
  • Interior furniture built in lightweight materials
  • Thermal insulation for excellent room climate
  • All walls lacquered or covered with wood, vinyl leather or Alcantara optic materials
  • Standard interior with mix of modern Maple veneer with white lacquered surfaces and old Oak colored floors, décor panels in vinyl leather optic
  • Other interior veneers like Wengé, Palisander, Oak, Mahogany, Aniegre and décor materials are also standard. Special veneers and leathers on request
  • Hand rails in inox, optionally covered with leather
  • All cabin- and bathroom doors in lightweight material, high quality, soft closure
  • Door locks with high quality “anti-rattle” mechanism, all drawers soft closure
  • Port lights and deck hatches in “flush deck” design and CE approved
  • All steps with anti skid surface, LED courtesy lights


  • Natural ventilation and forced aspiration system in all cabins / bathrooms
  • Large portlights and flush deck hatches CE approved
  • 1 large double bed or 2 single beds with slatted base
  • Maritime mattresses in PU-foam with varied densities for greater comfort and restful sleep (140 mm thick): anti-mite, anti-fungus, antibacterial, hypoallergenic
  • Storage under the bed, accessible from the side or from the top
  • Hanging lockers and lockers with shelves
  • Storage boards (depending on version)
  • 2 x 230 V (US 110 V) sockets
  • 12 V and USB socket
  • LED-ceiling-lights and reading lights backside of the bed


  • En-suite bathroom in “Version 3 VIP”, “Version 2/2 + 2 VIP” and “Version 4/4”
  • Sink / basin with mixer tap (H/C)
  • Locker under the sink / basin and other locker for various items
  • Upper cabinet with mirror
  • Non-skid flooring
  • Accessories like towel holder, soap dispenser, paper holder
  • Electric toilet
  • Separate shower (H/C) with acryl door in each bathroom, storage shelf and seat in shower
  • 230 V (US 110 V) socket
  • LED spotlights

Please contact us for further information.

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